Delicious Delicatessen

Moish and Itzy's Delicatessen

True delicatessens are a dying breed, but at Moish and Itzy’s we strive to keep the tradition alive. We offer corned beef cooked on premises, chopped liver made with schmaltz, latkes (potato pancakes) made from scratch, a large assortment of premium smoked fish, soups that Bubby would be proud of; chicken soup with matzah balls, cabbage borscht, mushroom barley, and the list goes on and on. Our deli cases are stocked with fresh house-made salads, meats cooked on premises, a wide variety of cheeses, the best hand sliced smoked fish money can buy, fresh baked rye bread, and an array of fresh baked goods.

A platter of food with vegetables and flowers.
A pile of pickles sitting on top of each other.
A counter top with several different types of fish.
A sandwich cut in half with olives on top.
A white bucket filled with lots of green apples.

All prices subject to change without notice.