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Moish & Itzy's

Welcome to Moish and Itzy's

We are always looking for words to describe what we do. At the core, we are a Jewish delicatessen, restaurant, and caterer. We offer homemade chicken soup with matzah balls (Jewish Penicillin), ruebens (certainly the best in the area and quite possibly the world), pastrami and corned beef that is second to none. But, we are much more than that; we offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner or a quick nosh. We prepare a wide variety of selections and do not cut corners… we are all about quality. Choose from twenty eight omelettes, challah French toast, eleven types of grilled reubens, overstuffed sandwiches, a plethora of salads, and more than ten gourmet burgers. Dinner interests include prime N.Y. strip steak, brisket, roasted chicken, fish selections, and much more. Desserts abound with five layer chocolate cake, colossal carrot cake, homemade rice pudding, rugelach, etc. All of this is available to go as well. Unfortunately, words do not do justice, so we welcome you to come experience for yourself. Our family will not disappoint you.

Let us leave you with some Yiddish words.

Latke- a potato pancake

Knish- small pastry stuffed with potato, kasha, spinach, cheese etc.

Kugel- a noodle pudding. Sometimes made savory with potato or spinach.

Blintz- thin pancake filled with cheese, often served with fruit.

Matzah Brie- fried matzah

Kishka- stufferd derma

Knadlach- also called matzah balls

Kasha Varnishkas- aka kasha and bowties.

Rugellach- small pastry made from rich cream cheese dough filled with assorted jams or chocolate.

Hamantashen- triangular pastry stuffed with jam or poppy seed.

General Yiddish Terms
Nosh- to snack on

Fresser- a big eater

Schmaltz- rendered chicken fat used by our chefs in our chopped liver.

Schlemiel- a clumsy person

Mensch- a good person

Oh vay- an expression of surprise

Tochis- rear end

Zaidy- grandfather

Bubby- grandmother